Aveamen - Design per lo spirito

Aveamen - Design per lo spirito

An experimental project by Laboratorio 2729, Venice.

Aveamen - Design per lo spirito is an experimental project that involves designers and artists asking them to interpret one of the holy symbols par excellence: the Rosary like a holy icon, the ritual tool, the item that expresses people's culture and tradition, it is a way to look at the world around us and, at the same time, to look into ourselves.

The designers involved are: Aut / Chiara Onida, Massimo Barbierato, Blumer&friends / Matteo Borghi, Todd Bracher, Massimo Brignoni, Ginette Caron, HEADS collective, Arthur Duff, Marco Ferreri, Giulio Iacchetti / Leonardo Sonnoli, Labìt Architetti Associati, Paolo Lomazzi / Caterina Calderoni, Francesco Meneghini / Francesco Mantovani, Renato Montagner / Changed, Paolo Orlandini, Dario Scodeller, PieriniFiumani, Francesco Tencalla, Zaven, Marco Zito / Gianfranco Vasselli.

Special Event
November 9 at 5pm, Opening, Designers and artists will be present at the opening reception




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